A risk and obligation free ETI review that can be used to claim back a tax free cash benefit.

What we do

We offer a full ETI recovery solution, getting back historical years ETI and preventing future losses.

How we do it

We use our highly sophisticated software to calculate your ETI and claim back the current and historical ETI shortfall on your behalf.

What you get

Cash that is tax free from current and previous months. With our expertise you don’t forfeit this money.

What Is ETI?

The Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) reduces your monthly PAYE. If your ETI is more than your PAYE, you get the excess back.

It reduces your PAYE for employees between the ages of 18 and 29, who earn less than R6500 per month. What this means is that you can actually get some money back from SARS for employing youth. If your ETI claim is greater than your monthly PAYE, you will get the excess back in cash, tax-free.

Why Do You Need An ETI Review?

ETI calculated by Payroll systems often leads to the perpetual under claiming which in turn has a negative effect on the company's cash flow.

There is a 95% probability that you are under claiming.

ETI has only been in effect since 2014, making it a fairly new tax incentive. Expertise in this field are lacking in the market place. Unlike PAYE, UIF or SDL, less comparative ETI related data is available to companies, to verify that their claim is accurate, this is where etiMAX steps in.

Our Process Requires Minimum Input From Your Staff.

All we need from you to get started are your EMP 501 and 201 documents.

Why Use etiMAX?

  • There is a 95% probability that you are under claiming

  • etiMAX recovers your historical ETI

  • We ensure that your future ETI benefit is calculated correctly

  • Recognised and accredited ETI experts

  • Highly skilled ETI team, our business is ETI

  • Fully confidential with a non-disclosure agreement

  • Highly sophisticated ETI recovery software

  • 98% Success rate

  • Minimum involvement from your staff

  • It is a risk free process (no recovery - no fees.)

State Of The Art Software

The use of specialised software, that was developed using the knowledge and experience of years of intensive work on ETI, ensures that every ETI claim submitted by etiMAX is 100% accurate and fully compliant with all SARS' requirements.


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What Satisfied Clients Have To Say

 "The entire process was done with minimal involvement from our staff and in a short space of time.
I would recommend their services to anyone who wished to get the most out of their ETI."

Shaun Maharaj
Fidelity Security Group

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