About Us


A Capability, Skill set and Technology that's unheard of in South Africa.

We have in excess 40 years of tax experience and have successfully pioneered a novel business centred around the accuracy of ETI calculated by taxpayers across the country.

Backed by a large team of dedicated ETI specialists – a wide variety of tax, ETI, data scientists, software and administration specialists with depth and succession.

Our extensive experience, expertise and innovative solutions have placed us at the forefront of ETI calculations and recovery. Our service grants all South African businesses access to our industry leading ETI calculation software, Data extraction techniques and ETI recovery.

The use of in house ETI software, that was custom developed specifically to recalculate our clients ETI going back to January 2014, has put us a step above the rest. Our powerful tool generates millions of Rands in ETI savings for our clients.



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