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What is ETI?

  • ETI is an incentive offered by the government aimed at encouraging employers to hire young work seekers.
  • It allows employers to claim a deduction on their monthly PAYE liability.

Who is etiMAX and what is etiMAX about?

  • A uniquely assembled team whose goal is to create substantial cash flow and profit for our clients through ETI maximisation and recovery.
  • The ETI maximisation department focuses on uncovering hidden ETI value on client’s payrolls. Through the recalculation of ETI from 2014 to date and identifying previous and current shortfalls, ensuring that clients take full advantage of this tax-free cash benefit.
  • Our ETI recovery department assists clients to retrieve the previous shortfalls uncovered by the maximisation department as well as the fast and successful payment of long outstanding ETI refunds owed to clients by SARS.
  • We pride ourselves on excellence through efficient service delivery and customer service with 99% percent success rate.
  • We are success based, you will only receive an invoice when the money is in your bank account.

Why use etiMAX if my payroll already calculates ETI?

  • Over the years we have found that the combination of complex ETI legislation, generic payroll software and user input often leads to the perpetual miscalculation and underclaim of ETI.
  • A common ETI misconception is that ETI easy to calculate and maintain.
  • The various changes in ETI legislation and reoccurring issues make ETI tracking and management for Industries with a high staff turnover very difficult.
  • Payroll software and Users do not specialise in ETI therefore the probability of inaccurate and under calculations is increased.
  • etiMAX has the knowledge and ability to audit ETI calculated at an employee level and ensure that all variables are considered and that the maximum amount is calculated.
  • We offer a zero-risk obligation free review on your payroll calculated ETI and give you peace of mind that you are taking full advantage of the incentive.

Why have so many south African businesses not been refunded ETI historically and currently?

  • Lack of ETI education and awareness.
  • Taxpayers are not aware of the many different avenues and procedures needed to follow up on outstanding refunds.
  • The SARS audits and verification process of the ETI calculated by taxpayers can become complex thus many taxpayers struggle to provide SARS the required or necessary verification documentation.
  • ETI benefits that are not utilised may be forfeited.
  • When claiming ETI you must be complaint, timing is extremely important.
  • Our ETI recovery department whose mandate is to liaise with SARS and discover the quickest route to refunds have mastered communication with SARS and the successful refund of all ETI.

What does a partnership with etiMAX entail?

  • No charge review of ETI calculated from 2014 to Date.
  • Recovery of unclaimed ETI from 2014 to Date.
  • Full access to tax, ETI, data scientists, software, and administration specialists.
  • Monthly ETI calculations.
  • Assistance with monthly EMP201 submissions.
  • Assistance with EMP501 submissions – Masters at correcting IRP5 validation errors.
  • Complimentary ETI tax advice



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